"Art medecine"

Art as a way to express itself, 

of being in the world,

as a remedy...

Art is for me a medium, a magic catalyst that open a way to push us out of our confort zone and to create new possibilities...

A way to connect with ourselves and with the world with a different perception who gets us out of the ordinary.



As a cuddle time or a real boost for change, art is a powerful tool that connects us to the source ...


Follow me to a world where everything is possible...

It's here, so close... Inside you !

You are a golden nugget, never forget it !


For a creation made especially for you

or an original gift ...


To adopt a piece of my heart, to beautify your daily life...


To reveal your potential, to developp hapiness and relax...


To invite people to a magic world... Animations, exhibitions, live painting... 

Life is a travel


As a qualified specialized educator, I used my passion for artistic creation as a educationnal support in: Meeting with eachother, self-expression (emergence).

In 2010, after few travels, I decide to cast of and to leave with my backpack on a worldwide tour. My life takes shape as russians dolls and slowly by slowly I fill my treasure box with stories and images.


In 2013, I trade my backpack for paintbrushes, sign my first contract for a children's book and decide to invest myself fully in my dream box. 

I share my time between children's book projects, personal graphic research and art workshops. As the same time, I learn different techniques to develop my toolbox for workshop and personnal coaching.

In 2017, I go back to the road, sharing my time between Home/Corsica and the rest of the world. The streets became my new art studio, especially in Strasbourg.


It's also there that I met the music band The Trouble Notes and start a collaboration with them. During the summer, I joined them for three weeks around Europe to do live painting during their concerts. An amazing experience who pushed me to stay on the road for a while and to develop my technique and style...

In 2018, adventures continue ... I’m part of the time on creative tour (thematic exhibitions and live painting) across France and Europe, solo or with musicians. And the rest of the time, I cultivate inspiration in montains (book project, development of my magic box).

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The creative process

The birth of a painting

Inspiration, this is that incongruous thing that pops up out of nowhere, that makes you laugh out loud alone in the street or at dinner with some friends. In an instant, the world is tilting and characters invite themselves around the table, in your conversation. 


You can't make them leave, tell them it is not the time or pretend not to see them. They are getting restless, flailing about in all directions, trying to find something that will capture your attention. They will not leave you alone because they are a part of your reality...

What is reality ?

Otherwise it is what we make through our thoughts, our words and our actions... Over the years, travels, experiences, I learned to fill my home and myself with beautiful, magical and poetic things to cultivate sweetness and comfort ...


My sources of inspiration : music, paintings, cinema, books, meetings and travels; Spirituality, mythology, open and distant horizon, sea, trees, meditation, walking; those "normal people" heroes that inspire with their courage and resilience.

The big chill

I love to be surprise by which arises in the moment on the paper. I make few or no preparatory sketch at all. I outline briefly with a pencil the shapes that I see in my head, in order to check the composition and proportions. Then, I outline the contours with a black pen and finally with colours, that will shape and give life to the basic idea.

Frequently, there is a big gap between my first idea and what is taking shape on the paper. That's what makes me vibrate:  the desire to let go, to follow the inner movement, stay flexible.

The big chill is this thrill of not knowing what it will become but still go there with all my heart because everything is possible... Every second, a new world is created and until the last paint brushstroke, thousand stories can be told. In that, watercolour exacerbates this feel. 


And then...

The title comes as an ending point... Words as the branches on a tree that extends toward the light (read the texts here). 


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Illustrator - Writter -  Art Performance - Creative workshop  

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