Paintings between 2008 and 2016. Mainly acrylic on canva


2014/2015 - Le carré des histoires

Media : Acrylic on canvas or wood, small format.

Naïve and poetic illustration, each painting tells a story mixing the world of human, animal and nature.

 2015 - The embryo

Medias: Digital or traditional colorization (watercolor, colored pencils, pigmented felts)

Embryonic mandala: gestation of a new world. My work in painting is rather instinctive, I try to put words afterwards, sometimes to find meaning in what I have painted because it does not appear to me right away… Here, there was a monomaniac phase around the gestation…of a new world (still under construction in 2016…)

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Drawing version :

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2015 - El camino del alma...

Medias : Acrylic on canva 10x10cm

This set is realized like small pebbles spread on the path of life. Each painting represents an essential and they are built in figurative/abstract duo, with two related ideas.

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2015 : Painting on wall at the restaurant "L'ailleurs Café" à Ajaccio

2014 - Symbiosis : Les arbres-humains/humains-arbres  

Media : Acrylic on canva.

The family nucleus, the link between nature and Men/Humans, pregnancy/gestation/transformation…

2014 - Songes & résonances

Medias : watercolor, ink or acrylic on paper or canvas.

Feminity at heart and at the heart of this serie. Dreams and musing, inner ramblings like poppies, the search for lightness, incandescent movement.

2008/2014 - La source Africaine

Medias : Acrylic and mixed media on canva or wood

Africa has been the backdrop of my first paintings. Life, luminous joy of fire, the roots of the world… Africa is for me a source to which I have been drinking for a long time without knowing why, having never been on this continent before, in this life ! ;) )

2013/2014 - Kraft & Poésie

Medias : Acrylic, Posca, ink, collage paper or lace

The feminity, the couple, Love, the voluptuousness and the poetry of the feelings, the encounter..


Le carré des histoires
The embryo
El camino del alma...
Songes & résonances
La source Africaine
Kraft & Poésie
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