I have a superpower...

Dear dreamer,

Few weeks ago, I was feeling a bit weary… Winter, time to hibernate, to hit the road somewhere, go on holiday… No, it was much more deeper than that…

Actually around me, a lot of people were not doing well. Serious illnesses, depressions, struggles and their lives called into question… I felt powerless in front of their sufferings. Being an attentive listener, a smile which illuminates a face, a comforting balm lasting not longer than a heartbeat, a laughter which can untie the knots in the belly… It seemed to me so little. I wished I could take each person in my arms and have the superpower to heal them, to relieve their sufferings durably. One by one, so they could shine again.

I felt powerless and sad in front of so much sufferings in this world.

I remember one morning, it was 8.30am, I was still in bed, I couldn't get out of it. I started to look at my own life… It was 8.30 am and I was still in bed, nobody was going to blame me for it, yell at me or pressure me. I could take some time for myself, to think, reflect… I felt an immense chance… To be relatively healthy, to feel fulfilled in my job, in my life… I then felt a radiated warmth in my heart, the tensions of my body calming down and my heart opening again… I felt no more sadness at this moment, but an intense gratitude. I had reconnected to my positive strength… And this thought came to my mind...

My superpower is this one :

Being able to transform every situations into a life lesson, a teaching.

My ability to only see the positive aspects, and being able to adapt myself

in any circumstances.

So I had a superpower in me ! I smile… A friend told me later that in life, we should all look for our own superpower, our “thing” then learn how to use it and develop it…. Thank you Le Petit Scarabée ;)

And that is exactly what I am trying hard to do through each seeds that I am leaving behind me… Sometimes it cost me because talking out loud and so openly about my feelings is not an easy thing for me…. Maybe it doesn't seem that way but I am actually a very private person. Talking about what I am going through put me out in the open, therefore it scares me…

Oscar Wilde used to say: “ To be in love is to surpass one’s self” and I truly believe it… Love is the biggest fuel and also the reason/the ingredient that we are able to overcome our fears and own limitations.

In order to keep going, not losing track of what is essential in my eyes, I like to surround myself with “reminders”, objects, little words, drawings or anything else that will help me not to forget and be like small “reminders of ourselves” .

Those last few days, many persons told me that my words, my illustrations have a special place in their lives...My work then take a whole new dimension and makes sense and gives me the thrive to surpass myself despite my fears. Sharing with you my ability to remain positive, to transform and adapt… To sow this shining energy, this strength of life that lives within me...

I know nothing, only what I have experimented and I want to share it…

Because we never know… What a drop in the ocean can do… ;)

Never forget that you as well…

You have a superpower !

Find it and develop it !

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