You are my Quest...

When I look into your eyes, I see the humanity and the possibilities of tomorrow.

It encourages me to believe in myself and to be a better human being.

When I find myself in your eyes, I want to embrace the world and radiate light all around.

You are my Quest, what I have been looking for. What I seek since beginningless time...

This unity that makes the heart bigger and all the obstacles illusories...

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Contact : lerm.creative[at] | +33 (0)695491043

Illustratrice - Auteure - Performance et ateliers créatifs  

Aussi mise en page/graphisme

Pour toute demande d'information, animation d'ateliers, performance, collaboration ou pour passer une commande... Contactez-moi !


Illustrator - Writter -  Art Performance - Creative workshop  

And Book layout/Graphic designer

For any request, art workshops, performance, creative project/commission or to place an order… Feel free to contact-me !

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