Creative process and inspiration

Creative process

The birth of a painting

Inspiration, this is that incongruous thing that pops up out of nowhere, that makes you laugh out loud alone in the street or at dinner with some friends. In an instant, the world is tilting and characters invite themselves around the table, in your conversation. You can't make them leave, tell them it is not the time or pretend not to see them. They are getting restless, flailing about in all directions, trying to find something that will capture your attention. They will not leave you alone because they are a part of your reality...

I love to be surprise by which arises in the moment, on the paper or canvas. I make few or no preparatory sketch at all. I outline briefly with a pencil the shapes that I see in my head, in order to check the composition and proportions. Then, I outline the contours with a black pen and finally with colours, that will shape and give life to the basic idea.

Timelapse video maked by the music band The Trouble Notes this summer

The big chill

Frequently, there is a big gap between what is in my head and what is taking shape on the paper. For sure, lacks of drawing skills, but most of all, the desire to let go, to follow the inner movement which is born in the moment. It is also a magical mix between mistakes and trying to fix those with creativity.

Because in reality, beyond the final result, what I am most interested in, is the act of painting/creating. What truly moves me is the experience of the moment.

This thrill of not knowing what it will become but still go there with all my heart because everything is possible... Every second, a new world is created and until the last paint brushstroke, thousand stories can be told. In that, watercolour exacerbates this feel.

And then...

The title comes as an ending point... Where it becomes the sign of a new opening.

More and more often now, words come to me and accompany my paintings like the branches on a tree that extends toward the light.

What inspires me daily in my work :

#1 : Music

Generator of feelings, I listen to it from morning till evening. I create my playlists based on what I need to 'let out...', to express. I listen to the same tracks until exhaustion... Like the fact of creating by "sets of paintings", which are built around a theme/thematic that I explore until I have nothing left to say ( about it)...

The Music, its vibrations, accompany me during all the creative process, from the digestive part till birth. Sometimes there are some special and unique golden nuggets, whom when I am listening to them, I downright see colors, images... the created illustrations/paintings are then directly linked to the music that I listened to... This is what happened with The Trouble Notes, every time that I listen their music, I am overwhelmed by a wave of inspiration... Rare are the musicians that have that kind of effect on me. The music, the notes, the vibrations are then pictures/images and all my senses are awakened...


Some of my favorites music band this year :

The Trouble Notes, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, City of the sun, Peia, Keaton Henson, I Muvrini, Manât, A Filetta, Skip the use/ Mat Bastard, Hans Zimmer, Anna RF, Nahko and medecine for the people, Kallidad...

And some more here :

#2 : Artists

Currently, I'm really interested and inspired by the visionary art mouvment and what we call Medecine Art.

Definition (source: Wikipedia): Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences.

I also like the definition by Alex Grey: "It is the commun expression of a personal experience and of a universal Tradition, in a resolutely founding or communicating perspective on the spiritual level"

Transcendantale images - Looking for the sens of Life - Psychedelic realism -

Representing the invisible - Surnatural musing

"The surnaturel is for the imagination one of the most fruitful musing sources. It poetises life by suggesting us continuously that something bigger, more powerful, more beautiful or more troubling, is hiding behind the veil of the sensitive nature, that the visible is not all/everything, that the cold reason fails to explain entire chapters of our reality."

>>> If you want to learn more about this current, I invite you to read on the website of Alex Grey.


Some artists who I love and inspires me at this moment :

Möön, Annelie Solis, Noa Knafo, Amanda Sage, Annie Kyla Bennet (cliqck to the name to discover more)

Mais aussi Caroline Manière, Morgan Mandala et Randal roberts, Erica Wexler, Emily Balivet, pour ne citer qu'eux...

#3 : The cinema and books

A big part of animation movies (Pixar mainly for their originals ideas and characters/ Disney for the sets and atmosphere/ambiance Colors), adventures, science-fiction movies (for the original sets/background and ambiances), the epic stories like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (movies that inspires to surpass ourselves)

Actually, I realise that the list would be too long!

Books : philosophical and initiatory tale (the souls of the world, the alchimist, the citadel of snows...) tales of the world or on the cosmology, legends, epics or fantastic (The prince of clouds for example)...

#4 : Life

We usually says that in drawing, the basis for learning is observation. In general it is true for the creation part,whether it is in painting or writing... It is often from our every day life, the ordinary that the best stories are born...

The foundation of my work is observation, contemplation, research... And the digestion of everything that is seen, felt, heard, perceived... In one word: live !

- The places, the travels, the nature, the architecture, the stores or magazines of interior designs...

- The people that I meet ou see in the streets, the insects, the trees that whispers...

- The adventures that I live, the inhabitants of my body that weave stories in my heads, the dreams...

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