I maked this painting for one of our host, to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the kindness and warm welcoming we received during our stay. This is also the perfect image of our amazing trip a bit like this kind of dream you never want to wake up from.

Life itself is nothing more than a succession of dreams, with a beginning, a middle and an end …

A thrilling adventure throught Népal, India and Sikkim - part of india since 1975 but you feel like another country with their proper langage, montains life style… - and of course tibetain culture, part of our journey too.

Cities, mountains and vibrant hearts.

An adoptive family composed by differents types of personalities and mixed all together to form an ocean of joy and love ... Inspiring human beings who give you this aspiration to do the best of yourself every moment, to be in the presence to fully savor every ripening fruit... A wave of light that gives the strength and courage to overcome all the trials, all the doubts... A fruitful energy that feeds me from the inside and pushes me already towards the next adventure…

Because this kind of journey is endless…

A bubble of love as an offering ... That I share with you to warm your heart as is mine.


Paintings I created during this trip :

A new collection was born, you can read about it more here


Some photos from Nepal :

Where I spend 2 months in Bodnath, a district of Katmandu. I was working on my artistic projects (book and paintings) and I fed on the atmosphere, the culture, the people... Meditating, taking english lesson :-) eating (a lot :-D I love nepali/indian/tibetan food), marveling at life every moment...


Some landscapes from India :

After an epic journey - Katmandou-Bodhgaya, 25h in a jeep, sleeping in middle of nowhere in the car in the himalayan montains with a sky full of stars because of a breakdown ! - we spend aroun 2 weeks there, between meditation and walks around on historical sites.

Then, we went to Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Sikkim...

A surprising travel filled with moments that make the heart bigger. A journey to meet inspiring beings...


Life and friends :

Adoptive family, friends, warm heart and joy...

Some moments of life I wanted to share with you. I'm still digesting this trip and it still hard to find word to express how grateful I feel, what we experimented there... Slowly by slowly I will share with you some part through article like these :

Sharing is a tasting fruit...

Be who you are !

"Be the change that you want to see in the world."


All these photos was taken by my friends. Thanks to Patrick, Dargay and Coline !

(Coline is a photographer, a moment catcher ! To discover her art here)

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